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Potential sections to add:


[edit] Evil Mad Science projects using gEDA

[edit] "Particularly notable" hardware projects using gEDA

[edit] Other hardware projects using gEDA

[edit] Presentations about gEDA

  • Intro from Low Voltage Labs

[edit] Why use gEDA?

[edit] Additional tips and tricks to add

  • Using ps2edit to add graphics to PCB
  • PCB Milling and g-code export with gEDA @ Reprap wiki
  • Perl Scripts for PCB by David Rowe, including panelizing. ( link)

[edit] Additional tutorials

There are a lot of different "getting started" tutorials for gEDA, which vary wildly in quality. We probably don't want to list them all, but to pick 1-3 excellent ones to put on the main page. Additional ones to evaluate may be listed here. Note that even "skimpy" tutorials often have a few good tips in them.

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