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This page is the central documentation site for AxiDraw from Evil Mad Scientist.

Introduction to the AxiDraw

Getting started with AxiDraw: Essential documentation


Getting started with Inkscape:

Advanced topics and tips

General Usage

Typography and Handwriting-like fonts

Advanced design topics


Example files


For Developers

  • GitHub Project, where AxiDraw software is hosted
  • AxiDraw-Processing: Examples for driving the AxiDraw from within Processing
  • robopaint repository at github. RoboPaint is a stand-alone, Javascript-based application for driving art robots.
  • The "CNCserver" API, installed with and implemented by RoboPaint.
  • The higher-level "RoboPaint" API, installed with and implemented by RoboPaint.
  • EBB Commands documentation, for the EiBotBoard that powers the AxiDraw

Third-party software to drive AxiDraw:

Support Resources

Places for questions, answers, and sharing experiences:

Additional support resources: