Eggbot Quality Troubleshooting

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If you are having quality issues with your prints that might be due to a misalignment of some sort, we hope that this guide will help you to find the source of the problem. This guide contains some helpful pictures that show how configuring the EggBot in different ways can produce different outcomes.

"Hardware" issues

Our test file


This is the test file that we'll be using for our examples. Note that the print quality is fine and consistent. The "O's" have closed shapes, the vertical parts are vertical, the horizontal parts are horizontal, the slants of the "W's" have consistent width, and so forth. (Some of the examples that we'll show later do not have these properties!)

You can download the example file here. (TODO: ADD LINK)

This was printed with the Deluxe EggBot on a chicken egg with an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie. The egg was oriented with its "fat" side pointing towards the egg motor (headstock).

The print settings were as follows:

  • Timing tab:
    • Speed when pen is down: 300 steps/s
    • Speed when pen is up: 400 steps/s
    • Pen raising speed: 50 %/s
    • Delay after raising pen: 200 ms
    • Pen lowering speed: 20 %/s
    • Delay after lowering pen: 400 ms
  • Options tab:
    • Reverse motion of Motor 1 (pen): checked
    • Reverse motion of Motor 2 (egg): checked
    • Egg (x) axis wraps around: checked
    • Start with pen centered: checked
    • Return home when done: checked
    • Enable engraver, if attached: unchecked
    • Curve smoothing (lower for more): 0.2

Alignment of the egg in the egg cups

Loose screws

Vertical position of the pen motor

Headstock / Tailstock position

Pen arm backer position

"Software" issues

Motor reversal issues

Timing issues