ISP Shield 2.0 Assembly Instructions

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This page walks through the basic assembly process for building the ISP Shield 2.0.


Bill of Materials, or, "What's in the kit?"[edit]

Line Ref Des Description Type Vendor Vendor Part Number Quantity
1 n/a PCB for ISP Shield 2.0 Printed circuit board Evil Mad Science 681 1
2 R1 Reset line pull-up resistor 10k, 1/6 W Digikey 10KETR-ND 1
3 R2 thru R6 Reset and LED load resistors 1000 ohm, 1/4 W Digikey 1.0KQBK-ND 5
4 R7 Auto-reset overrride resistor 100 ohm, 1/4 W Digikey 100QBK-ND 1
5 J5, J6 Target Power Enable, Auto-Reset Overrride (Header) 6 pin right-angle header, 0.1” spacing Digikey SAM1043-06-ND 1
6 PROG, ERROR, PULSE, HELLO Indicator LEDs 3mm, Diffused Yellow Evil Mad Science 357 4
7 XTL Crystal 16 MHz Digikey XC1721-ND 1
8 C2, C3 Capacitors for crystal 18pF, 50 V ceramic Digikey BC1004CT-ND 2
9 C1 Bypass Capacitor 0.1uF Capacitor Digikey BC1148TR-ND 1
10 S1 Reset Switch Tactile pushbutton switch Digikey 679-2452-ND 1
11 ISP6 6 pin ISP Header 2x3 pin 0.1” spaced DIL header Digikey 609-3202-ND 1
12 J1 thru J4 Header set, 6-pin (2 pcs), 8-pin (2 pcs) Stacking type header, 0.1” spacing Evil Mad Science 633 1
13 U1 ZIF DIP Socket 28 pin, 0.3" pin spacing Evil Mad Science 212 1
14 J5, J6 (jumper) Target Power Enable, Auto-Reset Override (Jumper) 2 pin jumper block, 0.1” spacing Digikey A26242-ND 2

Assembly procedure[edit]

We'll go line by line through the kit components. This guide assumes that you have had some soldering experience. If not, or it's been a while, you may also want to look at pages 2 and 5-7 of the Bulbdial clock assembly instructions, which go over basic tools and technique. And, if you really are a beginner, there are plenty of good tutorials on line, like this one.

(Instructions coming soon!)