ISP Shield 2 Assembly Instructions

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This page walks through the basic assembly process for building the ISP Shield 2.0.

Bill of Materials, or, "What's in the kit?"

Line Ref Des Description Type Vendor Vendor Part Number Quantity
1 n/a PCB for ISP Shield 2.0 Printed circuit board Evil Mad Science 681 1
2 R1 Reset line pull-up resistor 10k, 1/6 W Digikey 10KETR-ND 1
3 R2 thru R6 Reset and LED load resistors 1000 ohm, 1/4 W Digikey 1.0KQBK-ND 5
4 R7 Auto-reset overrride resistor 100 ohm, 1/4 W Digikey 100QBK-ND 1
5 J5, J6 Target Power Enable, Auto-Reset Overrride (Header) 6 pin right-angle header, 0.1” spacing Digikey SAM1043-06-ND 1
6 PROG, ERROR, PULSE, HELLO Indicator LED 3mm, Diffused Yellow Evil Mad Science 357 4
7 XTL Crystal 16 MHz Digikey XC1721-ND 1
8 C2, C3 Capacitors for crystal 18pF, 50 V ceramic Digikey BC1004CT-ND 2
9 C1 Bypass Capacitor 0.1uF Capacitor Digikey BC1148TR-ND 1
10 S1 Reset Switch Tactile pushbutton switch Digikey 679-2452-ND 1
11 ISP6 6 pin ISP Header 2x3 pin 0.1” spaced DIL header Digikey 609-3202-ND 1
12 J1 thru J4 Header set, 6-pin (2 pcs), 8-pin (2 pcs) Stacking type header, 0.1” spacing Evil Mad Science 633 1
13 U1 ZIF DIP Socket 28 pin, 0.3" pin spacing Evil Mad Science 212 1
14 J5, J6 (jumper) Target Power Enable, Auto-Reset Override (Jumper) 2 pin jumper block, 0.1” spacing Digikey A26242-ND 2

Assembly procedure

We'll go line by line through the kit components. This guide assumes that you have had some soldering experience. If not, or it's been a while, you may also want to look at pages 2 and 5-7 of the Bulbdial clock assembly instructions, which go over basic tools and technique. And, if you really are a beginner, there are plenty of good tutorials on line, like this one.

(Assembly instructions will be here soon!)