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'''[[Meggy_Jr_RGB|Meggy Jr RGB]]'''
'''[[Meggy_Jr_RGB|Meggy Jr RGB]]'''
'''[[ISP_Shield|Evil Mad Science ISP Shield]]''' and '''[[ISP_Shield_2|ISP Shield 2]]'''
'''[[ISP_Shield|Evil Mad Science ISP Shield]]'''

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Evil Mad Science Wiki

The Evil Mad Science Wiki is a new documentation resource for kits and other products at Evil Mad Science. It is intended to be a platform for in-depth tutorials that are longer than appropriate for Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, where most of our documentation is currently hosted. Only a few of our kits are documented here so far, but we'll be moving more and more of the documentation here as time goes on.

Project documentation

The Original Egg-Bot Kit

The Bulbdial Clock Kit

Peggy 2 and Peggy 2LE

Meggy Jr RGB

Evil Mad Science ISP Shield

Others to be added at a later date. :)

Note 1: This site is for documentation, not technical support. If you have specific support needs please check the documentation specific to your project, both at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and here (if applicable), seek help in the forums related to your project, or contact Evil Mad Science directly through our contact form.

Note 2: While this site is intended to provide accurate documentation, it is also publicly editable, to encourage sharing of helpful tips and other relevant knowledge. Please exercise common sense.