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The Eggbot Control extension stores a modest amount of control data in your Inkscape drawing files. This information is normally invisible to you and is definitely benign. However, before sharing your drawing files -- especially with other Eggbot users -- you may want to consider removing that control data from your drawings. Removing it is straightforward:

  1. Open the drawing in Inkscape.
  2. Select the "Strip Eggbot Data" extension under the "Eggbot" category of the "Extensions" menu.
  3. Once launched, the "Strip Eggbot Data" extension will automatically remove the data. The extension runs very quickly and will announce its successful completion.
  4. Dismiss the "success window".
  5. Save your drawing.

That's all there is to it. It's quite simple.

What sort of data is saved in the drawing files? Which COM port (Windows) or USB device (Macs, Linux) the Eggbot was last connected to; the plotting state in case of a plotting pause; and similar mundane information.

<<< Reorder Paths for Speed || Strip Eggbot Data