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wcb_tn.jpg This wiki page is part of the documentation for the WaterColorBot.
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[edit] WaterColorBot Software

There are three main software interfaces for driving the WaterColorBot: RoboPaint, RoboPaint RT, and the Inkscape extensions for WaterColorBot.

Briefly, to describe the three interfaces:

  • RoboPaint is automatic painting software, which is usually your best choice when starting from an existing drawing in SVG format.
  • RoboPaint RT is an independent real-time painting application, in which you paint on your computer, and the robot follows along in real time.
  • The Inkscape extensions for WaterColorBot allow you to create and paint artwork with a very fine level of control, either within Inkscape, or by exporting SVG graphics to RoboPaint.

Much more information about these programs are on their respective pages, linked above.

[edit] For Developers

A brief overview of where to get started:

  • RoboPaint is written in Javascript. Its github repository is here.
  • RoboPaint RT is written in Processing/Java Its github repository is here
  • The Inkscape extensions are written in Python. Their github repository is here
  • The WaterColorBot API is built into RoboPaint.
  • You can also send low-level commands directly to the EBB over USB, from any program that can write to a serial port. Command documentation for the EBB can be found here
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