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This page is the central documentation site for Alpha Clock Five from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

Introductory articles about Alpha Clock Five:

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Alpha Clock Five Projects:

Open Source Documentation:

Alpha Clock Five is an open source hardware+software project. The hardware designs are licensed under the TAPR OHL.

  • Circuit board design files, in gEDA:
    • Alpha Clock Five, "Rev B" Red editions: available here (400 kB .zip file)
    • Alpha Clock Five, all other versions: available here (400 kB .zip file)
  • Acrylic case for Alpha Clock Five: Design file (Inkscape SVG) is available here (Inkscape 0.9) and here (Inkscape v 1, with additional back piece holes).
  • Firmware: Discussed in detail here.

Places for questions, answers, and sharing experiences: