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This page is the central documentation site for the Bulbdial Clock kit from Evil Mad Scientist.

Main details about the Bulbdial Clock kit:

Assembly instructions:

Background and details about the Bulbdial Clock:

Open Source Hardware documentation for the Bulbdial Clock:

  • Source code: standard firmware (updated 8/2010, 33 kB .pde file) (Designed to run in the Arduino environment, version 0023.)
  • The standard source code makes use of the Arduino DateTime library, which you will need to compile it.
  • An updated version of the source code, to run in the Arduino IDE version 1.0, using the newer Time.h library, is now available here.
  • To set (sync) the Bulbdial time from your computer via a USB-TTL interface, use the "SetArduinoClock" Processing sketch, available here. Run this sketch with Processing.
  • Also available: "Hello Bulbdial" demo code, in Arduino .pde version or "straight" avr-gcc version.
  • Electrical schematics are here. (125 kB .pdf file)
  • The circuit board design is in gEDA, and you can download the design files here. (200 kB .zip file)
  • The standard case design is available here. (50 kB .pdf file)
  • Bulbdial Bill of Materials
  • Design of the macetech ChronoDot

Places for questions, answers, and sharing experiences: