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Evil Mad Scientist Wiki

The Evil Mad Scientist Wiki is a the primary documentation resource for kits and other products from Evil Mad Scientist, now part of Bantam Tools. Some documentation is still hosted at our blog, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. If you need help finding documentation on a kit or project, please use our Contact Form.

Project documentation[edit]


The Original Egg-Bot Kit

Discrete 555 Timer Kits

Discrete 741 Op-Amp Kits


AYAB Interface

The Bulbdial Clock Kit


Alpha Clock Five

Meggy Jr RGB

Peggy 2 and Peggy 2LE

Art Controller

Larson Scanner

LED Menorah Kits: Deluxe LED Menorah Kit, Breadboard Menorah Kit, and Mega Menorah 9000


Simple Relay Shield

Googly Eye Shield

Evil Mad Science ISP Shield


StippleGen software

Additional resources[edit]

gEDA Resources

Note 1: This site is for documentation, not technical support. If you have specific support needs please check the documentation specific to your project, both at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and here (if applicable), seek help in the forums related to your project, or contact Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories directly through our contact form.

Note 2: While this site is intended to provide accurate documentation, it is also publicly editable, to encourage sharing of helpful tips and other relevant knowledge. Please exercise common sense.