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Hershey Text is an Inkscape extension for rendering text with engraving fonts. Versions have been included as part of standard Inkscape distributions since version 0.91.

A new version, Hershey Text v 3.0, has recently been released and is included with the current versions of both the AxiDraw software and the EggBot software. It will be included in Inkscape, starting in Inkscape 1.0.

Please read this article at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories for a general introduction to stroke fonts and Hershey Text.

Please see our SVG font repository for more about the individual fonts included with the distribution.

Hershey Text User Guide[edit]

A complete user guide for Hershey Text is available for download here (1 MB PDF document).


Hershey Text v 3.0 requires Inkscape version 0.92. For Mac, install Inkscape 0.92.2, and for Windows install Inkscape 0.92.4.

You can download Hershey Text v 3.0 from the repository. To install it manually, copy the two files "hershey.py", "hershey.inx," and the "svg_fonts" directory into your Inkscape extensions folder, replacing any like-named files there.

Hershey Text v 3.0 is also included standard with the AxiDraw software and EggBot software installers.


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