Breadboard Menorah Alternate Build

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This page is part of the documentation for the Deluxe Electronic Breadboard Menorah Kit.

Instruction changes for building the breadboard menorah with the shamash on the end.

The notes below outline the changes to the printed instructions (PDF Version 1.3 MB) needed in order to build the breadboard menorah with the shamash on the end rather than in the middle. Please read all the way through prior to bending or clipping any resistors or jumpers!

In Step 2

  • Instead of bending six zero-ohm jumpers to 0.5", only bend four to 0.5"
  • Instead of bending one zero-ohm jumper to 0.7", bend two to 0.7"
  • Instead of leaving one zero-ohm jumper straight, leave two straight
  • Overall, you should have the following lengths of zero-ohm jumpers: 0.4", 0.5" (X4), 0.7" (X2), 1.8", straight (X2)
  • Construct a 0.2" jumper wire from the clipped lead of a 0.4" zero-ohm jumper or resistor by bending it into a narrow staple shape half the width of the 0.4" components
  • Bend the 51 ohm resistor into a U-shape immediately after the resistor body and clip the leads to 0.3" long, like so:

In step 3E

  • Install all of the components described in this step except for 0.5" zero-ohms #5 and #6
  • Place the 51 ohm resistor from 31-c to 32-c
  • Connect the 0.2" jumper wire from 30-h to 32-h
  • Place the second 0.7” jumper from 50-f to 55-c

In step 4

  • Prepare a Red LED according to the procedure for the Yellow LED, instead twisting one zero-ohm jumper to each leg. To make it easier to tell the long and short leads apart, you can place the body of the jumper slightly lower on the long lead of the LED. Insert from 55-a (long lead) to the blue stripe (short lead).

In Step 5

  • The Yellow LED goes from 31-a to the blue stripe.