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This page is the central documentation site for the Bulbdial Clock kit from Evil Mad Scientist.

Main details about the Bulbdial Clock kit:

Assembly instructions:

Background and details about the Bulbdial Clock:

Open Source Hardware documentation for the Bulbdial Clock:

  • Source code: standard firmware (updated 8/2010, 33 kB .pde file) (Designed to run in the Arduino environment, version 0023.)
  • The standard source code makes use of the Arduino DateTime library, which you will need to compile it. (This also contains the Processing sketch to synchronize time between your computer and the Bulbdial clock.)
  • An updated version of the source code, to run in the Arduino IDE version 1.0, using the newer Time.h library, is now available here.
  • Also available: "Hello Bulbdial" demo code, in Arduino .pde version or "straight" avr-gcc version.
  • Electrical schematics are here. (125 kB .pdf file)
  • The circuit board design is in gEDA, and you can download the design files here. (200 kB .zip file)
  • The standard case design is available here. (50 kB .pdf file)
  • Bulbdial Bill of Materials
  • Design of the macetech ChronoDot

Places for questions, answers, and sharing experiences: