Drawing a smiley face

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This wiki page is part of the documentation for The Original Egg-Bot.
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Intro: This tutorial is a graphics-heavy, beginner-level introduction to creating a simple (and somewhat silly) drawing in Inkscape for use with the Eggbot. While this guide is not intended as a comprehensive introduction to Inkscape, it may be enough to get you started, particularly if you've had experience with other vector graphics applications.

Egg-bot specific topics covered:

  • Setting up a document for use with EggBot
  • Naming layers for multicolor plots
  • Filling solid regions with a continuous path

Other Inkscape techniques demonstrated:

  • Basic object creation & manipulation
  • Path creation and editing
  • Changing fill and stroke settings
  • Viewing objects
  • Align & distribute tools
  • Creating and working with layers

This tutorial assumes that you have already installed Inkscape and the Eggbot extensions on your computer.

In what follows, we'll be drawing a silly happy face like the one shown below this paragraph. To get started, head right over to Part 1 of the tutorial.


To get started, head right over to Part 1 of the tutorial.