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wcb_tn.jpg This wiki page is part of the documentation for the WaterColorBot.
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WaterColorBot Hardware Reference Design[edit]

The WaterColorBot is an Open Source Hardware+Software project. You can download the Hardware Reference Design for the WaterColorBot 1.0 here (135 kB .zip archive), or 2.0 here (2.5 MB .zip archive).

The v1 design consists of 7 Inkscape SVG files, containing the design for the different custom-manufactured parts, sketches from which those designs are derived, and a bill of materials. The v2 design has many parts designed in Solidworks (for the new carriage and winches), as well as the updated wooden parts (still designed in Inkscape).


This reference design is dual-licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-3.0 license and under the TAPR OHL; you may use it under the terms of EITHER license.


The names "WaterColorBot," "Evil Mad Scientist," and "Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories" are trademarks of Evil Mad Science LLC.

As the WaterColorBot design is open source, you can make, modify, and sell hardware based on this reference design, but please respect our trademarks. If you make and sell hardware based on this design, it is your responsibility to clearly identify who made it-- for simple reasons of liability and customer support.

EiBotBoard Documentation[edit]

The EBB controller board that drives the WaterColorBot is documented separately. (The EBB is also an Open Source Hardware+Software project.)