Art Controller Software Hacks

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This page is part of the documentation for the Art Controller kit.

To give you just a little inspiration, here are just a few ideas of things that you can reprogram the Art Controller to do:

Trigger logic variations:

  • Trigger only when the input signal stays high for a certain amount of time.
  • Trigger automatically when a certain amount of time passes without otherwise being triggered.
  • Trigger at (pseudo) random intervals.
  • Wait for a fixed amount of time between being triggered and starting the relay cycle
  • Ignore hardware triggers completely; trigger a certain amount of time after being turned on.

Delay logic variations:

  • Use much shorter or longer delays.
  • Activate for a (pseudo) random amount of time.
  • Operate as a repeating timer, with different duty cycles.
  • Work as a "pulse" driver, only turning on the relay when the input is high.
  • Leave the output on for a certain number of events, not a certain amount of time. For example, three shots at a target.

Using digital inputs:

  • Control the time delay with the digital inputs.
  • Trigger only when a set of digital inputs (up to 13 digital inputs) meet a specific set of high and low conditions.

Using digital outputs:

  • Output a clock or sync signal, even when the module isn't triggered.
  • Output a sync signal with the same or opposite sign of the relay state.
  • Turn on a warning LED or siren a few moments or minutes before turning on the relay.

Note 1: Please feel free to add to the list above.

Note 2: If you build alternative firmware for the Art Controller (implementing ideas listed here or otherwise), please feel free to link to it here as well.