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AxiDraw Merge[edit]

AxiDraw Merge is a software tool that is available to AxiDraw owners upon request. It combines the functions of our Hershey Advanced and AxiDraw Control software. It can render text into handwriting-like stroke fonts, optionally add certain "handwriting like" defects to your text, and plot the document in a single step. You can render and plot subsequent pages after a single button press or time delay.

AxiDraw merge can also perform of "mail merge" operations, substituting data from a spreadsheet file into your SVG template, replacing and updating that data each time that it prints a new page.

AxiDraw owners who would like to request access to this software may do so through our contact form.

Sample Data[edit]

Sample data (CSV format, along with example SVG templates) is available to download here (20 kB zip archive).