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This wiki page is part of the documentation for The Original Egg-Bot.
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The Eggmazing extension generates cylindrical mazes. The source code to the extension, and eggbot_maze.inx, demonstrate how to write an Eggbot-centric extension for Inkscape.

Important note: Eggmazing is no longer included by default with the EggBot extensions for Inkscape. It is still available in our repository for manual installation.

When the Eggmazing extension is first started, it erases your current Inkscape document. Be sure to run the extension from a new Inkscape drawing window. The extension's control panel presents you with a range of possible maze sizes. Pick a size and then click the "Apply" button. Once the maze is drawn, you can close the extension by clicking the "Close" button, or you can wipe the maze and generate a new one by again clicking "Apply".


The generated drawing places the maze's walls in a layer named "1 - maze", and the maze's solution in another layer, "2 - solution". Each layer can be plotted separately using the Eggbot Control extension's "Layers" tab. This permits drawing the solution in a separate color from the maze or omitting the solution entirely.

Note that the maze solution may wrap from the left edge of the drawing to the right edge. This is because the maze is actually on a cylinder and the left and right edges are actually identical. When plotting a maze, make sure that the "Egg (x) axis wraps around" checkbox is checked in the "Options" tab of the Eggbot Control extension.