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Want to help out with the Eggbot project?[edit]

Great! We'd love to have you on board!

The Egg-Bot is an open source hardware+software project. If you'd like to be a collaborator, we'd love to have you on board. Right now most of our work is done through the GitHub project.

Here are some of the current places in which we're looking for help:

General use:

  • Finding and reporting bugs in the Eggbot Inkscape extension. (Report them on our issues page, in our forums, or through our contact form.)
  • Finding and reporting bugs in Inkscape that affect Eggbot operation. Where appropriate, we report these to the Inkscape developers, with the hope that they can get fixed for us.
  • Providing feedback and corrections on our documentation.
  • Creating good example plots that will help people to get started with Eggbot.


  • Improving the "optimize paths" extension. Can we make this efficient?
  • Writing additional "generator" extensions (like the maze extension) that can produce interesting eggbot plots
  • Porting the eggbot extension python code to work in a "standalone" mode outside of Inkscape
  • Controlling Eggbot from other software environments, e.g., Processing


  • Improving documentation on fine-tuning performance
  • Helping us come up with ways to reduce cost in future versions
  • Creative hacks to improve the capability of Eggbots

Above and beyond:

  • If you can fix any of those Inkscape bugs that are getting in our way, we'd certainly appreciate it. :)
  • Inkscape's "Cancel" button doesn't work while plotting
  • Live path effect "Hatches (rough)" doesn't work on complex geometries.