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This wiki page is part of the documentation for The Original Egg-Bot.
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Eggbot is designed to work well on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. To use it, you'll need to install certain software on your computer.

The EggBot extensions for Inkscape are included with, and installed by, the AxiDraw software installers. To install the software please follow the specific directions for your platform on the AxiDraw installation page. Detailed instructions are provided for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. (We are currently recommending software install version 3.9.4 for EggBot users; the installation page link goes to the version for 3.9.4.)

Example files[edit]

Optionally but suggested, you may also want to download the set of example files for Eggbot. A direct download link is here; the files are hosted on the EggBot Releases page at GitHub.

Firmware Update[edit]

We encourage EggBot users to update the latest firmware version. Once your EggBot software is up and running, you can check which version of the firmware you have by selecting the "Manual" tab of EggBot Control, picking "Check EBB Version" from the menu there, and clicking Apply.

EBB Firmware versions 2.4.6 and newer contain performance improvements and bug fixes that can prevent certain types of errors.

To update your firmware, please follow the directions here.