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Independent Reviews of Meggy Jr RGB:[edit]

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General Info + Links:[edit]

General FAQ - Meggy Jr RGB FAQ with lots of good info, read first.

How to make a Meggy Cozy

MeggyCade Jr, a project to make Meggy into a tabletop arcade game.

How to connect two Meggies for dual game play

See all colors of the MeggyJr RGB display.


Lucky World – a full featured jump'n'run game. This game has 16+ levels, canons, monsters, moving platforms, hidden portals and a nice presentation with an intro and level selection screen.

Revival Studios - Developer of various Meggy Jr games

Super Monkey Kong - Barrels upon barrels of Donkey Kong mayhem! (Google Code Download)

Dot - Capture the sun and avoid getting rained on! (more info at the Make post)

Google Code project site - This is the main repository; Many other games including:

  • Ball Buster
  • Fireman Fireman
  • MeggyChip a game for two Meggies

Included with the Meggy Jr Library (v 1.4) (Available here):

Alternative Driver Library for Game Development[edit]

There is an alternative driver library (GitHub Page) for v1.3 of MeggyJr RGB. This driver has the following features:

  • Minimal SRAM usage.
  • Display double buffering (no flickering even for slow drawing code).
  • Selectable application frame rate (15, 30, 60 or 120 FPS).
  • Loop to display synchronization.
  • Simple RGB color handling with Color class.
  • Advanced functions like scrolling and fading and sprites.
  • Comfortable button handling.
  • Interrupt based sound player, with notes and effects.
  • Load meter to graphically measure your loop performance or RAM usage.

The library comes with a short documentation overview and has in detail API documentation in the code. It comes with a number of examples to demonstrate most of the features. The game Lucky World demonstrates all features of this library. It is open source (GPL v2), therefor you are invited to study every detail how the game was made.

Non-game applications:[edit]

mjsim Simulator for AVR assembly code and emulator for the MeggyJr

Backup & Restore EEPROM - A simple way to save the contents of the EEPROM on your computer and load them back in later

MeggyTwit - Scrolling-text Twitter reader for Meggy Jr RGB

Color Life Game - the game of life for Meggy, in full color!(Forum Post)(Video)

Meggy Jr Remote Push: Python script to draw to Meggy Jr. RGB a grid of colors stored on web server (requires Windell's MeggyJr_RemoteDraw Arduino sketch)

Included with the Meggy Jr Library (v 1.3) (Available here):

  • Meggy Brite (drawing app)
  • Binary Clock
  • ScrollText (readerboard app)

MeggySeq: MeggySeq is a step sequencer which sends values over a serial connection to another device, such as an Arduino with a Wave Shield attached.

Meggy Synth - A simple step-based synthesizer for playing music on the speaker.


Sneggy - A snake game for Meggy Jr RGB

Time Lapse Build Video - (Direct Link)

Meggy Jr. Video

Another Meggy Jr. Video

Make Video and post by Collin

Super Monkey Kong Video