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This wiki page is part of the documentation for The Original Egg-Bot.
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Important note: Name Poem is no longer supported. It is still available in our repository for manual installation.


A name poem printed on an egg or golf ball is a unique and lasting gift. Name poems are acrostic poems in which the first letter of each line spells a name. For example,

Danny is a programmer
Always enjoying new challenges
Never giving up
Nicely nattering
Year after year

This contributed extension performs the typesetting and layout chores of drawing name poems in Inkscape. It further uses vector fonts selected for use with the Eggbot [1]. The extension draws these fonts as paths: they do not need to be converted to paths before plotting.

To use the extension, enter each line of text in one of the twelve text input fields, "Line 1", "Line 2", etc. Note that consecutive blank lines will be replaced with a single blank line when drawn. The first character of each line will be drawn using the "Leading font" selection. The remaining text in each line will be drawn using the "Secondary font". These fonts are the same fonts used with the Hershey Text extension under the Render category of extensions.

To account for the horizontal compression which occurs when plotting on eggs, select the "Stretch the text horizontally..." checkbox. That will horizontally stretch the text by 50% [2].

To rotate the text 180 degrees turning it upside down, check the "Plot with the egg's bottom at the egg motor?" checkbox. You do not need to use this option if you have reversed the motion of both motors in the Options tab of the Eggbot Control extension.


1. For more information on these fonts, please see Hershey Text.
2. This horizontal compression is a result of the egg's horizontal or equatorial circumference being less than its pole-to-pole circumference.