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This wiki page is part of the documentation for the Egg-Bot kit.
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Many types of objects can be put in the Eggbot and plotted on. In choosing an object, a number of questions come into play:

  • Size - How does it fit and what adjustments do you need to make to the Eggbot to draw on it?
  • Surface - What are you plotting on? Eggs, glass, ping-pong balls, etc. all have very different surface textures and ink absorption.
  • Expense - Are you doing ultra-fine, archiveable work or rapid-fire demo's?

Types of objects[edit]

  • Chicken eggs - the default standard. Inexpensive, absorbs ink well. Also fragile. Tips on Blowing Eggs.
  • Duck eggs - bigger than chicken eggs, and narrower proportionally.
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Ping pong balls
  • "Ball pen" balls
  • Golf balls
  • Lacrosse balls
  • Plastic eggs
  • pumpkins
  • Wooden balls/eggs
  • ceramic eggs from Hobby Lobby
  • Acrylic Spheres[1] from CorSec Engineering[2][dead link] - marketed as planet kits but fit in an Egg-bot and comes with a stand
  • Decorative glass balls, for example the 4" spheres from CB2
  • Wine glasses - some wine glasses (generally with relatively short stems) can fit with the tailstock all the way back. You can use a disc or jar lid to hold the open end of the wine glass. Tape it to the wine glass or use a rubber gasket to hold it in place. The stemless Reidel "O" tumblers are likely a good choice as well.