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I'm a heavy computer-user. This means I'm working with software of all kinds (databases, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, different kinds CAD-Software, Corel Draw programming in Delphi)

But I'm totally new to InkScape. This wiki suffers from "professional view" if you already KNOW how all the things in InkScape work you will understand short messages like

create hatch with x y z. (End of help)

But if you are new to a software. That doesn't help much. For real newbees you need to desribe it mouse-click for mouse-click from the main-main-main-menu and meabye even ading a screenshot for every single mouseclick.

Otherwise this WIKI gives just a keyword and leaves the user in trying this trying that.

Hey folks that's the way to entertain kids which have the hobby to try around. But not the way to teach adults in an effective way!!

StefanL38: As stated on the main page of this wiki, "This site is for documentation, not technical support." If you yourself are having difficulty, please address that through the proper channels: our mailing list and/or forums. This is not an appropriate location.
Your criticisms are not helpful or productive in any sense. If you are indeed "totally new to InkScape," then you should go through our basic-level tutorial, which does go step by step, mouse-click by mouse-click, with tons of screenshots. Instead, you are here, repeatedly insulting our entire documentation because one of the articles from our list of "Advanced topics and tips" is not for beginners. Of course it's not for beginners. That's what "advanced" means. Why would you think that these comments are appropriate or helpful?
I'd like to try to address your concerns to the extent that they are valid, but I'm having trouble finding any that are. Where does it say "create hatch with x y z?" Where does the wiki just give a "keyword?" If you have any specific, genuine suggestions for improvement, we will always be interested in hearing them. Or, if you need tech support, or additional documentation for techniques or vocabulary, we'll do our best to provide it. But so long as you remain more interested in berating us than in actually reading the documentation or getting help, I'd prefer that you keep it to yourself.
Windell Oskay / Evil Mad Science 14:30, 27 April 2011 (PDT)