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wcb_tn.jpg This wiki page is part of the documentation for the WaterColorBot.
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A Catalog of WaterColorBot Paints[edit]

The "standard" paint set that we use in the WaterColorBot is the Crayola washable 8-color pan set, however many other common paint sets can be used. We've compiled a list of other common paint sets, along with photos and recommendations, which you can find here.

Tube-based Paints[edit]

The thin plastic palette that comes with the Crayola set can be washed out when empty (or nearly empty) with cold water, and re-used with any tube-based watercolor paints.

Alternative paint pan palettes for artist-grade paints[edit]

Evil Mad Scientist is distributing a machined plastic palette, designed to fit half-pans of Windsor & Newton and Cotman water colors in the half-pan size. It is available for purchase here.