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Tips on making multi-color plots with AxiDraw

You can make multi-color plots with the AxiDraw by using multiple pens, using each to draw certain parts of your file, and changing pens for each color. Here are some tips about working with this process.

Selecting part of your file to plot

When you plot a document from the Plot tab of AxiDraw Control, by default the entire document will be plotted.

If you separate your Inkscape document into different layers, you can use the Layers tab to plot one layer, or a set of layers, with names that begin with a given number. There are additional controls that you can use, documented in AxiDraw Layer Control, to assign particular behaviors to layers as well.

With AxiDraw Control version 1.7.0 and newer, one additional mode of selecting parts of your document to plot is available. You can also switch certain layers to be visible or not visible, by using the "eye" icon in Inkscape's Layers panel (Layer > Layers... from the menu). Only visible layers will be plotted. (If you are using an older version of the AxiDraw software, you can download a newer snapshot from the AxiDraw Releases page at github.)