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This wiki page is part of our AYAB documentation. Please click here to return to the AYAB overview.

This page contains documentation about how to physically connect your AYAB Interface to your knitting machine.

This page shows how to connect the AYAB Interface from Evil Mad Scientist to your Brother KH-965 knitting machines, and to similar machines such as the KH-965, CompuKnit V, and CompuKnit Vcx. For other hardware, please see our main AYAB Hardware Installation page.

This page is in progress; we do not have installation pictures for the KH-965 yet.

In the mean time, please note that the KH-965 (and install process) is only very slightly different from the KH-930 install process.

Refer to that procedure for the time being. The installation procedure is the same, with a few exceptions:

  • The rightmost part of the cover tucks into the right hand side of the case; you will need to slide it towards the left before tilting it out.
  • While each connector can still only reach + fit into one location, the AYAB Interface plastic cover exposes a different 5-pin connector (J3C instead of J3B as it is on the KH-930).
  • The original KH-965 power supply plugs into the original control board (which you are removing); you do not need to worry about tucking a power supply cable out of the way.