AYAB Hardware Installation

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This page contains links to documentation about how to physically connect your AYAB Interface to your knitting machine. The specific instructions that you need depend on which hardware you have.

AYAB Interface (Evil Mad Scientist version)[edit]

Please see the instructions specific to your machine:

  • Brother KH-900, and similar models such as Knitking CompuKnit ST
  • Brother KH-910, and similar models such as KH-950, and CompuKnit II
  • Brother KH-930, and similar models such as KH-940, CompuKnit III, CompuKnit IV
  • Brother KH-965, and similar models such as KH-965, compuKnit V, Vcx

AYAB Shield (Legacy version)[edit]

If you do not have the AYAB Interface from Evil Mad Scientist, but instead have the original AYAB shield (it is shaped like this and may be of any color), please refer to the installation video from the AYAB team.