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This wiki page is part of the documentation for the Egg-Bot kit.
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This page is just a placeholder for notes on improving plot speed and efficiency. (Please feel free to edit if you have useful information to contribute.)


  • Our first attempt to create an optimizer is the Reorder paths for speed extension, which usually produces small improvements in plot speed.
  • The built-in extension Arrange>Restack may also be helpful in reducing the amount of "air time" in plotting.

Auto-Generated Plots[edit]

A simple and often straightforward method of optimizing plots generated automatically, such as svg created with a script is to organize the design top to bottom. For small, all over patterns, try to output parts of the plot that are near the top, then progress down the plot to the bottom. The Inkscape extension plots paths as they occur in the svg file, the first first, then the next, and so on.

If a plot has several large features/designs composed of many individual parts, put all parts for each feature together, to eliminate going back and forth between areas. As a side benefit, this can increase registration precision within the feature areas for certain "eggs."