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This wiki page is part of the documentation for The Original Egg-Bot.
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This page is the central documentation site about the Eggbot Electro-Kistka.

Main details about the EggBot Electro-Kistka:

Electro-Kistka: User guide

Places to buy supplies (wax, tips, dyes, etc):

Note that the Egg-Bot Electro-Kistka uses tips designed for the white-handle multi-tip electric kistka by Folk Impressions.

Additional online resources about pysanky:

Alternate dyeing techniques with the Eggbot:

Electro-Kistka: Hardware Documentation

The EggBot Electro-Kistka is an open source hardware design.

EggBot references, and places to find answers:

  • Main Eggbot page, with loads of links and documentation
  • Eggbot Forum at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
  • Eggbot-user Mailing list (Please sign up!)