The Original Egg-Bot Kit

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This page is the central documentation site for The Original Egg-Bot kit from Evil Mad Scientist.

The Original Egg-Bot Kit[edit]

Main details about the Egg-Bot kit:

Getting started with Eggbot: Essential documentation[edit]

  • Part I: Assembly guide for Basic and Deluxe EggBot kits. Two versions are available:
(A) Single-file PDF version: Available here, an 18 MB PDF document. (Trouble Viewing? Please click here.)
(B) Page-by-page online version: Available here.

Other EggBot Models[edit]


Basic-level tutorial:

  • Drawing a smiley face, a detailed example, making a simple drawing in Inkscape and formatting it for the Eggbot

Getting started with Inkscape:

Advanced topics and tips[edit]


General Usage

Troubleshooting and improving precision

Designing for Eggbot

Example files

Special attachments for EggBot



Support Resources[edit]

Places for questions, answers, and sharing experiences:

Additional support resources:


Japanese (日本語)[edit]