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This page is the central documentation site for AxiDraw from Evil Mad Scientist.

Introduction to the AxiDraw

Getting started with AxiDraw: Essential documentation


Getting started with Inkscape:

Advanced topics and tips

General Usage

Typography and Handwriting-like fonts

  • Hershey Text, Inkscape extension (included with Inkscape) for drawing single-stroke text. Also includes links to many handwriting-like fonts.
  • Make a free (outline) font based on your handwriting at
  • A compendium of information about single stroke fonts
  • A large number of scanned handwriting-like fonts are available for free at vLetter

Advanced design topics


Example files


For Developers

  • EBB Command documentation, for direct control of the EiBotBoard control board that powers the AxiDraw
  • GitHub Project, where AxiDraw software is hosted
  • AxiDraw-Processing: Examples for driving the AxiDraw from within Processing
  • robopaint repository at github. RoboPaint is a stand-alone, Javascript-based application for driving art robots.
  • The "CNCserver" API, installed with and implemented by RoboPaint.
  • The higher-level "RoboPaint" API, installed with and implemented by RoboPaint.
  • The simplified "Scratch" API, installed with and implemented by RoboPaint.
  • A "stand-alone" CLI version of our python-based AxiDraw control software is now available in private beta for AxiDraw users. Please contact us if you would like to participate. It includes tools for shell-based control as well as python APIs for plotting files and XY movement commands.

Third-party software to drive AxiDraw:

Generative artwork and additional resources of interest to developers

  • ln, "The 3D Line Art Engine" is a vector-based 3D renderer written in Go. It is used to produce 2D vector graphics depicting 3D scenes.
  • TouchDesigner SOP to SVG pipeline, Targets the process of converting TouchDesigner Surface Operators (SOPs) to SVGs so they can be plotted or laser cut. Handy for use with procedurally generated geometry.
  • Pen Plotter Art & Algorithms explores JavaScript workflow with AxiDraw and generative art.
  • TurtleToy -- Turtle art creation with SVG output

Support Resources

Places for questions, answers, and sharing experiences:

Additional support resources:

Description page in another language

Japanese (日本語)