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This wiki page is part of the documentation for The Original Egg-Bot.
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To make text in Inkscape, you can use the Text tool to make text in the "obvious" way: Select the text tool, click somewhere on your page to indicate where you want to put the text, and begin typing to enter the text. Before sending the text to the Eggbot, select from the menu Path > Object To Path to convert it from editable text to curves (paths) that the Eggbot can draw.

To create fills for outline fonts, see Creating filled regions.

Another method is to use the Hershey Text extension, which is included with the Eggbot software. It makes single-line fonts that draw very efficiently and cleanly. You can read more about using it at Evil Mad Scientist. While a version of this software is included with Inkscape, a newer version (with additional fonts and features) is available as part of the EggBot software.

A couple of other text rendering tools are available in the EggBot Extensions:

  • Name Poem -- Render name poems (acrostics) using fonts suitable for use with the Eggbot
  • Spiral Wrapped Text -- Gently spiral text around and around an egg