Update Eggbot software for Engraver Kit

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This wiki page is part of the documentation for The Original Egg-Bot.
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The Eggbot engraving tool requires version 2.2.1 or newer of the Eggbot extensions for Inkscape. If you have already installed the extensions, you can check your version number (see instructions here). If you are installing the software for the first time, please follow the Software Installation Instructions.

If you have an earlier version, re-install the EggBot software, following the instructions on our Installing Software page.


  • If you encounter difficulty updating the Eggbot extensions for Inkscape, please request assistance through the Eggbot mailing list or forum, which you can find on our front page.
  • If there is any chance that a problem you encounter is specific to Eggbot software or hardware, it is important that you do not directly seek assistance through Inkscape's support resources. You're much more likely to get your problem solved by asking people who know about Eggbot. And, we'd like the Inkscape team to be ready to help us when we do encounter Inkscape-specific issues.