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eggbottiny.jpg This wiki page is part of the documentation for The Original Egg-Bot. Click here to return to the Egg-Bot overview.
The specifics of this portion assume that you have version 2.8.1 or higher of the Eggbot extensions installed.
Click here if you need help determining which version you have installed.

The Eggbot Extensions || Eggbot Control >>>

Inkscape interacts with your Eggbot through a collection of special "extensions" (plugins that extend the capabilities of Inkscape). To see the Eggbot extensions you have installed, launch Inkscape. Once Inkscape is running, pull down the "Extensions" menu. That will show you categories of extensions which are installed. By selecting the "EggBot" category, you can then see the list of supported Eggbot extensions and select one to use,


If you do not see "EggBot" listed in your extensions menu, see the Troubleshooting section below.

A second category of Eggbot extensions -- "EggBot Contributed" -- should also appear. These are unsupported extensions contributed by members of the Eggbot Community.

In the pages which follow, each of the following Eggbot extensions will be presented in detail,

Some additional EggBot utilities are available in our repository for manual installation


If you do not see an "Eggbot" entry in your Inkscape extensions menu, then you likely have not yet installed the Eggbot software. Please see Installing software for directions. Another possibility is that you have more than one version of Inkscape installed and you are running the wrong copy.

The Eggbot Extensions || Eggbot Control >>>